Admit One Productions & The Fursona Files present

A Dinosaur’s Tale

After hitting rock bottom with bad choices and brothel arrests, a 65-year old practicing furry dinosaur named ‘T-Bone’, looks to turn his life around when his lost love returns to his furry community after 25 years.

Clown Tales

In this chapter we follow the perspective of Casper the Clown, a disgruntled child entertainment veteran, as he tries to save his business from chapter 11, find love, and discover his true calling of becoming a podcast star!

The Fursona Files

A Dinosaur’s Tale and Clown Tales are the introduction to a much bigger universe – The Fursona Files. This comedy series is a multi-perspective story that will introduce you to a group of people looking to find their place in the world. We follow the adventures of a fallen from grace novelist Virginia Blake and her unusual cosplay relationships that inspire her to write and discover her passion again. The furry dinosaur and foul mouthed clown you meet in our current episodes are only the beginning to Virginia’s muse relations.

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